Who is TakeUp.Org?

Kingdom Activists

TakeUp.Org is an online advocacy organization created to enlighten, enlist, educate and train Kingdom Activists. As followers of Christ, we acknowledge His command to “take up our cross and follow Him.” Through radical obedience to Christ’s commands, and by placing our lives, our fortunes, and our future into His hands, we set out to boldly proclaim the truth that faith in Jesus Christ is THE solution for all the problems mankind faces. TakeUp.Org’s core competency lies in the advanced application of internet technologies, specifically in the development of creative audio/video communications for internet distribution.

Fearless. Focused. Faith.

TakeUp.Org is a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)4 education and lobbying organization based in Austin, TX. Contributions or gifts to TakeUp.Org are not tax deductible because they may be used to influence legislation. Click here to make a donation.