The Candidates and the Missing Question

Oct 29th, 2008 | By brent_bullock | Category: Blog

Maybe it has escaped your notice.  Maybe the missing question accurately reflects the reality of our nation.  Maybe we’re timid and afraid to speak up.  Maybe we are ashamed.

Concluding the long and grueling Presidential primaries we nominated the Marxist and the Moderate, and were left looking for the Missing Candidate.  (See http://politicalhope.blogspot.com/2008/06/marxist-moderate-missing-candidate.html).  Conservatives all across the fruited plane were left disenchanted.  A true conservative was not to be found, and the GOP set adrift trying to stay clear of assailments against the Bush Doctrine and other supposed GOP failures.

So here we are one week from the fall election.  The greatest boost for McCain’s campaign arrived with the nomination of the Evangelical Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, and the spunky McCain responses during Rick Warren’s Civil Forum.  Obama and McCain both professed Christ on National TV during Warren’s civil forum, and the DNC was near God-silly on their big opening day.  The Dems spoke about how faith inspired their give away ideology more than the RNC spoke of faith in all of their Ike delayed convention.  Yet in the midst of debate and policy positioning, the question of God and policy is totally absent.  God most often comes up in negative positioning or identity baiting.  Serious discussion over God and government are forbidden.

If we are a nation of believers, if the two candidates and both parties are so Christian, why are our policies and policy debates God-ridden?

Consider the following simple questions…
- Are our rights God-given or government-granted?
- Does good government begin with state regulations or self control?
- Is the role of government limited or vast and expansive?
- Is the primary purpose of education “self-discovery”, training for the needs of the state, or to know God and glorify Him forever?
- Is private property ownership central to liberty?
- Does all of our land ultimately belong to God or the state?
- Is government or the family responsible for individual welfare?

The question of God is central to all of life’s perplexing questions, and yet His name has been ridden from the political process.  God and His Ten Commandments have been driven from Main Street, Wall Street and the school classroom.  The question of God and the Bible in the political process is taboo, and you affirm the silence by your own silence!  Our schools and national morality suffer as we ignore the missing question.

Break the Silence!  Declare it out loud!  Our rights come from God!  Government is not my Savior, but Christ alone.  I stand on His Word, or I fall with humanity!

God Save the U.S.A.


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