Light Dawns for Unborn Poor in Austin

Dec 10th, 2009 | By brent_bullock | Category: Lead Story

Some time around 1974 the City of Austin began turning out the lights on the unborn poor.  Tonight the light shines a bit brighter for them.  Most would count tonight a great loss.  I count it as the small step toward shining the light on a dark part of Austin in need of more exposure.

This past October we became aware of expiring “termination service” contracts between the Travis County Health District (TCHD) and local Austin abortion providers.  Thanks to people like Dina Meyer and Dr. Joe Pojman of Texas Alliance for Life the vote on those contracts was pushed out to November.  Additional light and pressure was applied and the decision was put off again.  Finally, tonight the board voted.

Large complaints could be lobbied over the stacked deck of cards the TCHD staff dealt out tonight at the public hearing.  The deception surrounding this issue is astounding.  Rather, let’s focus on the positive.  Railroad Commissioner, Victor Carrillo, spoke boldly on behalf of the unborn poor.  TCHD board member Clarke Heidrick publicly acknowledged the deception associated with the presentation and hearings on the 2004 contract accepted from the City of Austin.  He also expressed concerns over the counseling offered by money driven abortion providers.  Another member offered an amendment to fund abortion alternatives to the tune of $450,000.  Much light as been shed on the situation, and faithful followers of Christ have been awaken to this issue.

The Austin community has come together to fight this battle, and we have only just begun.   Texas Alliance for Life, the Catholic Diosese of Austin, the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center, Austin Coalition for Life, Free Market Foundation, the Austin Area Pastor Council and many taxpaying citizens have united to bring an end to “termination services” funded by Travis County property taxes.

Ultimately we know that being born poor is much better than being killed in the womb.   Ultimately we know that good triumphs over evil, mercy triumphs over judgement, and life wins out over death.  We will persist.  We will stay in this battle to give light to the unborn poor.  We will remain faithful to the end.

Pray for the unborn poor tonight and tomorrow and in the days and nights following.  Pray, talk to others, and attend the TCHD meetings until the full light of dawn shines for the most vulnerable among us … the unborn poor.

Brent Bullock, Minister

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