It’s morality, stupid!

Mar 21st, 2009 | By brent_bullock | Category: Blog
The loud and hollow echo of Bill Clinton, “it’s the economy, stupid”, has drawn a fresh new meaning in recent months. What is the root of our economic woes? Dems say it’s a lack of regulation on those bad old businesses. The GOP says it’s too much regulation and taxation from the bad ole gov’ment. The truth is something else. Let me be blunt…

“It’s morality, stupid!”

Long before we reached fiscal bankruptcy, we hit moral bankruptcy.  America’s woes are rooted in amorality. The U.S.S. Free Market has been torpedoed by humanistic values. She’s keeled over and sinking to the bottom of the sea, and it has everything to do with neglecting God’s commands (i.e moral relativism).
It has oft been said, “Democracy is not a form of government to survive. For as soon as its citizens discover they can vote themselves money from the treasury, they will bankrupt it.” The principle is that self-restraint is necessary for democracy to work.  We attempt to counter this reality with checks and balances, the separation of power. Right now it’s NOT working very well, and the Seventeenth Amendment is but one of the many problems.
Democrats believe it is the government’s job to regulate business and to provide economic justice. There are two problems. One, economic justice is legalized plunder. Taking money from one class of citizens and giving it to another is called theft. The Democrats deny our liberty to give (and loan money) according to our own judgment.  Two, they insist on loaning money to those that are truly unqualified to pay it back. They want to loan your money to people that are in no place to take on debt, when debt is bad enough for those that are likely to pay it back.   In other words, their regulations are immoral.
The Bible tells us not to charge interest (usury) to the poor. Yes, do not loan money to the poor for a profit (See Exodus 22:25 among many others). Rather, give money to the poor, or lend at no interest.  Help them out, but do not expect to be repaid. It even says, give back collateral taken from a poor man when he needs its. The bottom line is, do not exploit the poor. Help them. Do not profit from them. This is exactly opposite of our banking and lending practices, which takes me to the Republicans.
Some in the Republican Party have forgotten that the Free Market will fail if left to run wild. While there are many Republicans that understand the importance of morality and family, apparently the majority have been consumed by the Almighty Dollar. The family, morality, and the Free Market all go together. If you neglect any one of them, they will all fail.  If the family is destroyed, who will you sell to?  I advocate self-restraint, not government regulation.  The only problem is, if we do not restrain ourselves, God will do it for us.  God’s laws bring about justice one way or another.  If “we the people” do not treat people with justice and righteousness, there will be a price to pay.  That price may show up in the form of an oppressive government.
Both Democrats and Republicans hide much money through non-profit organizations. In Texas alone, a small pact of trial lawyers provided 87% of the Democrat Party for 2008 (www.tortreform.com/node/478). They did this primarily through PACs. This neat little trick gets around certain campaign contribution laws. A PAC can be funded by a few people, or by many.
To top it off the Dems decry big business and corporate American, yet government is the largest failed business in our country. They expect you to believe big government is exempt from the corruption of the Free Market.  Corruption is impacting our entire nation: the church house, the State House, the White House, main street, Wall Street, the family, businesses and corporations.  None are exempt.  It is the human nature.  And there is only one solution …

God is our hope.  Even our Political Hope.  Things will go well in this nation only to the extent that we obey His commands, and that … we cannot do on our own, and it doesn’t take a village.  It takes a Savior.  Jesus Christ our LORD.  He is the only true King.

God Save the U.S.A.
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