Honorable Men Close Their Eyes for This Stuff

Feb 16th, 2009 | By brent_bullock | Category: Blog

Maybe, I’m delusional. Maybe, I expect too much. Maybe, I’m just another right-wing kook. Maybe, I just don’t understand what is honorable and right.

The Founding Patriots likely had far greater character than I have ever sought or can even comprehend. Many of them had educations that put mine to total shame. When I think of honorable men, I think of the many who risked their throat birthing a nation conceived in liberty. Somehow, I don’t think they built our Republic with their eyes closed.

This past Red Friday “honorable” men closed their eyes and hollered “aye” for a bill they had not ever read, much less understood. I guess that’s what honorable men do. When it’s Friday the 13th and a horrific event is occurring, close your eyes. When the horrible stench of tyranny gets too bad to tolerate, pinch your nose, and walk right on by. (Watch video)

I don’t think so. If you are not outraged, let me incite you. This is ABSOLUTELY DISHONORABLE!!! This is the most BLOODY RED FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH in U.S. History! Were there not recent promises to do right by the American people? Were there not recent promises to clean-up Washington? Was not the Presidential campaign won on promises to restore confidence in our government?

If you are an honorable man; if you care about the U.S.A., you must call attention to this great travesty! I urge you to express outrage with the White House. How in the world can we trust men who make law with their eyes closed? This outrageous absurdity demands a loud voice of disdain!

God Save the U.S.A.

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  1. The stench of political corruption is increasing with each passing day. I cry on the inside as I see America destructing from the top by design. I want to remove these traitorous demopublicans / republicrats by any means necessary, yet have no means at all to do so.

    The ballot box is useless, in this man’s opinion. To vote the rascals out means to vote new rascals in. I’m not saying ALL of our political class is corrupt, just that almost all are corrupt. Change within the system is hardly an option, at this point of the game.

    We need seismic change, to dissolve the congress (they don’t deserve a capital C), remove the executive and the judicial branches, put them on trial for treason and dereliction of duty, then carry out the sentences swiftly and publicly.

    Can this be done peacefully? Do you think the banksters and their paid politicians will go quietly and without struggle? How do we as Americans take our country back? This will be a very difficult process, with people willing to put their lives and fortunes on the line, as did our Founding Fathers.

    Talk should be to how task this is best accomplished, and not to the fact that “something needs to be done.”

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