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The so called “Texas Freedom Network” (TFN) reveals their true blue colors once again.  This time they are waving the banner of scientific opinion on evolutionary origins.  TFN has published a survey on what Texas scientists think about Creation/Evolution education for the 21st Century.

The TFN survey is now being waived in front of mainstream pastors and policy-makers in an effort to remove the current position of teaching the “strengths and weaknesses” of evolutionary theory to public school students.  The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) is reviewing the Teaching Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) originally adopted in 1988; The TEKS are reviewed every ten years.  The mantra of secular humanists is that the radical right wing has taken over the Texas SBOE and they are out to institute creationism/intelligent design (ID) into the public education system.  The truth is that the language is already there, and the humanists are out to remove it.

The TFN survey says, “only 2% of Texas scientists express the slightest sympathy toward creationism / intelligent design”, and “A strong majority also worry that teaching alleged “weaknesses” of evolution is harmful to students’ future prospect of college and 21st-century jobs”.   The problem is that asking secular scientist to object to secular science is like asking dog-owners to object to owning dogs.

I learned as a young Electronics Technician that it is very easy to get the results that you are looking for.  One of my job functions at Intel was to prove the cause for failures observed in semiconductor devices.  I quickly discovered how easy it was to set-up an experiment that proved what I wanted to prove, rather than the truth.  I had to learn how to rid my experiments of my own presumptions and biases.  In order to truly be objective, you have to know and consider other possibilities, outside perspectives and objections.  Otherwise, the outcome of your experiment will be impacted by unintended biases.  The scientific-method implores the assessment of strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

So, the TFN survey fails the test.  TFN denies that real objections to evolutionary theory even exist.  If that is the case, why in the same survey do they assert that public school teachers are afraid of parental objections to teaching evolution to the full extent?  There are certainly some parents out there that have objections to evolutionary theory.  I expect the secularists will assert that parents are un-educated and do not possess adequate credentials to object, even though they we mostly trained at public universities.

If TFN wants an objective survey they must reach into other professions to find the objections to evolution. While there are certainly scientific objections, many of the objections come from the impact evolutionary theory has on other aspects of life.  Astronomers, medical doctors, philosophers, theologians and others all have to deal with the impact evolutionary thought has on other fields.  Most notably the fields of ethics and morality are deeply impacted.

Evolutionary origins teach that an impersonal, mindless, non-conscious process created personal, intelligent, conscious human beings.  Evolution claims that the universe was produced from a colorless, odorless, tasteless, sightless and soundless process; yet all of these senses are evident in the outcome.  Our world holds that human beings have intrinsic value, worth, dignity and rights, yet evolution claims that these resulted from a process that has no regard for its product.  The Theory of Evolutionary Origins requires that we accept the illogical notion that order, beauty, intelligence and purpose emerged from chaos.

These illogical claims may cause no objection to scientists isolated in a lab, but for those raising children, trying to maintain order in a class room, trying to instill value and worth into young people, combating the social-ills of amorality, and for star gazing scientists, the thought that an ordered universe resulted from chaos is objectionable.

Lest you think I am opposed to the science of evolution, think again.  I believe the scientific method confirms Adaptation of the Species, and some aspects of Natural Selection.  Origin of the Species I cannot swallow.  It leaves way too many questions unanswered.  In Natural Selection and Adaption of the Species, existing traits are modified or eliminated.  Origin of the Species produces qualities that did not previously exist.  That notion is scientifically objectionable from my observations, from my moral observations, and from my rationale observations.  All of this, and we haven’t even discussed TFN’s assertion that Evolutionary Origins are compatible with Religious Beliefs.

Friends, the firestorm of evolutionary origins continues to be fanned by the secularist.  TFN has sprung into action on the issue before the SBOE.  Their voice will be heard.  Will your voice be heard also? You must call, write, fax, or visit your SBOE member.

The big meeting is coming January 21-23.  Public testimony will be heard beginning at 8:30 AM on January 21st.  You must register on Jan 16th or Jan 20th, if you wish to testify.  Register to speak on Item #1 of the  agenda for Jan 21st.  Six expert witnesses have been invited to testify after the public hearing; three from each side.

Call, write, fax or visit your member, do so on or before January 21.  Click here to find your SBOE member.   All you need to tell them is if you do, or do not, support teaching of “strengths and weakness” of evolutionary theory.

True freedom is at stake.  What will the future generations of Texans be taught?  Will the lies of the Secular Humanist & Neo-Darwinian Evolution RELIGIONS be forced upon Texas children?  Your voice matters in that decision.

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