Kool-Aid for the Texas GOP

Jan 8th, 2009 | By brent_bullock | Category: Blog

It has been said, that “as goes Texas, so goes the nation”. Friends, those days are numbered. Few states have been successful doing what Texas has done, and now Texas is following the nation, including some in the Texas GOP. Today, Texas is a bright shinning star of Conservatism amidst the United States. That may be a different story in six months.

The fight over the Texas Speaker of the House post is reportedly over. The heavy-hand of Craddick has been swept away from the gavel, and the even-handed Joe Straus will swing it a bit softer when the 81st Texas Legislature convenes next Tuesday (barring any unforeseen circumstances). Country Club Republican, Joe Straus, has wooed the masses with his bi-partisan approach. The problem is the absence of principles in getting him there. The problem is knowing which way he will steer the ship, not to mention the lack of GOP leadership in dealing with the Craddick problem.

Yes, I know, most of you like Straus. And I’m sure he can lead. That much is clear. The question is where will he lead to, and why Straus instead of another conservative leader? Why is the Texas GOP rewarding a Junior Representative that strays well from the party line? The ABC gang maybe able to spell “Anybody But Craddick”, but what about the principles of the conservative agenda? While most say this is all about leadership style. I keep wondering, “Why Straus over Smithee or Gattis”?

The Friday night scene reported by the Statesman makes it all sound too jovial for me. Why did Straus’ majority support emerge from the Democrats, rather than the Republicans? Why does Straus’ family come up, every time I ask how he emerged to the top of the list. This is politics. It is about the agenda, and we all have one.

Sure, Craddick had to go, and I know you’ll all enjoy the new leadership style. Straus is younger with a softer touch, sure to make the Dems feel better about them selves. We’ve seen this type of transition in every board room from the local ISD, to the church-house, and the neighborhood HOAs. Now, the newspaper reporters are rejoicing over Texas’ first modern Speaker of the House. At the time Texas’ conservative principles are needed most in a nation drifting left, the Texas GOP places a soft hand on the helm. At at time when right turns are needed over left turns, the firm leadership style of the 40s and 50s is swept away by the feel good group from my generation. At a time when the Federal government is set to run over States Rights with a mighty bull-dozer, we need strong Conservative Leaders.

The ABC gang of Republicans are defending Straus, down-playing the importance of the speaker role, saying we need to move onto more important matters, and repeating Straus’ defenses on social conservative issues. You can repeat the pledges all you want; voting records speak louder than words. He’s been good on the economic development, guns, and clearly knows how to cross the aisle. We’ll see if conservative leadership perseveres in this critical session. I’m now expecting a few more left turns. The Dems have their first win, and we haven’t even started yet. Some in the Texas GOP drank the Kool-Aid.

God Save Texas!

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