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Dec 17th, 2008 | By brent_bullock | Category: Blog

They say, “Hindsight is 20/20”, but I’m nearly going blind. Sometimes it takes a lot of hind sight to get perspective. We’ll see what folks are saying in twenty years about the many unique events witnessed in the 2008 presidential bid. For now, the missing element in the conservative movement is still large and gaping in my mind.

The Republican primaries exuded the problem. If we could pull pieces from all the candidates into one guy, we might have found one true conservative. Each had their own peculiar attributes, conservative in some aspects, but not all. With all the variations, we ultimately arrive at two major categories: Social Conservatives and Economic Conservatives. Both groups are willing to compromise the constitution to get what they want. Of course that assumes that they know and care about the Constitution in the first place. Sure, they’re familiar with the Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment. What about the exhaustive extent to which the Founders pursued the Separation of Power? What about ensuring that no group of people, large or small, has too much influence or control?

Friends, along with ignorance of basic moral principles, ignorance of core founding principles will certainlysabotage the greatest form of Government yet to exist. As it stands we are
Two States away from a Constitutional Convention. The missing element is the Conservative Movement is the Constitutional Conservative. Republicans and Democrats alike have been all to willing to abuse power.

Republicans now are in a pickle that they have helped create. Will Constitutional Republicans emerge from the GOP? Will Economic & Social Conservatives split the sheets? Most of my readers already, but “Repeal 17” is one key to restoring our form of Government, as is turning America back to God’s Way.

God Save the U.S.A.

Brent Bullock

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