Three Reasons.

Dec 3rd, 2008 | By robbo | Category: Blog

Hey conservatives with brains out there, you KNOW we must change with regard to our pitiful utilization of technology.   Seriously.  In the video on the right called “3 Reasons” I made a parody ad of sorts that showed how the Obama campaign was mastering technology, even to the point of developing a powerful mobile app for the iPhone.

We have the same talent, and even more powerful convictions than the evil liberal left (yep, time to call a spade a spade.)   What is killing us is the corruption of cronyism and the holding on to power by the Country Club RINOs.  The Establishment Republicans are going to kill us … remember, I came from the Left, after surrendering to Christ on 9/21/2002.  I know these guys!  Most of them are actually true “believers” in their cause.

However, we who know the real and total truth that is only expressed in our Lord, Savior and King, Jesus, know that we — not them — with the power of the gospel and the movement of the Holy Spirit — are the only hope for saving this nation, Lord willing.

So, C’mon, turn off the TVs and let’s reason together!  I’ve never understood why there aren’t more groups like the DLC, but on the right.  Certainly, there should be a (careful here) Christian Republican Coalition within the GOP.  Just make sure it is CHRIST first!

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  1. Rob you are correct! Government belongs to those that show up and today that requires very rapid response. We don’t have time for someone to tell us or show. We must act quickly and decisively. I think Kathleen Parker agrees with you on this one.

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