AFTER the election, Al-Qaeda speaks out on Obama …

Nov 19th, 2008 | By robbo | Category: Blog

From AQ #2 Man al-Zawahiri …

“You were born to a Muslim father, but you chose to stand in the ranks of the enemies of the Muslims, and pray the prayer of the Jews, although you claim to be Christian, in order to climb the rungs of leadership in America. And so you promised to back Israel, and you threatened to strike the tribal regions in Pakistan, and to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan, in order for the crimes of the American crusade in it to continue,” the message said.

Ugh.  After making “The Born Muslim Conspiracy” I became aware that the forces of the MSM and all manner of PC would prevent even DISCUSSING this issue.  On 60 Minutes this past week, I was encouraged to hear Obama so forcefully announce that  AL-QAEDA MUST BE STAMPED OUT AND DESTROYED ONCE AND FOR ALL. Sometimes I wonder if even he and the other intellectual elites had any idea, or, grasped the full measure of the mind of the enemies we face.   Nevertheless, I am committing anew to pray every day for our new President and his precious family.   

Also, I would add that if you haven’t had a chance to watch the full 60 Minutes interview, you’d find it revealing,   I know how, particularly on Abortion, it is extremely difficult for us to accept anything anyone would say or do who is not  CORRECT on this position.  But, I offer this to you, as one who was a “liberal Christian” - an ordained “Hoper in Christ” - I was always opposed to late term abortion, but I was wrong about when conception truly occurs.  I’m just telling you where I was.

It wasn’t until after I SURRENDERED my total life, mind, and will to Christ in 2002 that I soon … just KNEW and understood how the truth of the Bible, and the reality of God’s design, plan, and purpose in life exists at the first instance of conception — in fact that He was working on our design and creating us BEFORE we were ever born.  I just didn’t get it.

I know many talked, and some had “prophesied” that we would have a Pro-Life President.   Maybe we will, Lord willing, after all.  Obama in the 60 minutes interview made a point of saying that “especially if we disagree, I want to listen to you” - finally, as you probably know, it was PE Obama that laid down the law about keeping Leiberman in his Chairmanship, as part of a move toward reconciliation.  

And no, not drinking the Kool-Aid - will continue to watch this man closely, but, as I’ve written many times, there are several personal characteristics that I really admire about PE Obama.  I just pray that the reality of God, via the agency of the Holy Spirit, will bring him to the TRUTH.

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