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Nov 9th, 2008 | By robbo | Category: Blog

And so it goes …

Gosh, I thought I’d get a break from this after the election, but the Enemy is not resting, so neither can we.  First, Obama selects Rahm Emanuel (former DLC colleague of mine) as White House Chief of Staff.  Who is Rahm?  Hmm… I think I have to try and figure out how to translate this to my conservative allies.  Let me try.  

For those of you in the Grand OLD party, I’m sure you’ll remember the late Lee Atwater.  Take Atwater, add all of Rove, throw in a chunk of pre-Christ Colson and you’ve got a ferocious stew brewing.  Now, throw in the brilliant mind and ideas of Newt Gingrich … and finally, add the arrogance, but extreme competency and agility of Lucifer himself … now you’re getting close to understanding Rahm Emanuel***. 

At the height of the Clinton impeachment, Tony Blair hopped over the pond to stand by Clinton’s side.  Shoulder to shoulder (he’s good at that!).  Just before their live television performance, the 30-something year old Emanuel barked to the Prime Minister of Great Britain … “Don’t F@#K THIS UP!”  Excuse the language … he said it, not me.  Rahm was the genius mind behind the 2006 Democrat congressional wins.  Rahm is, or he was, in line to be the next Speaker of the House.  And yet he recognizes the power of the moment, and is leaving to RUN the White House.

Putting RahmBo (his nickname) as Chief of Staff can mean only one thing to me — the brutal implementation of an agenda that Obama knows must be executed quickly and efficiently.  Yes, they’ll throw some media morsels to assure the Right … watch, you’ll see a number of Republicans in his new cabinet.  That is, if you consider Colin Powell and Chuck Hagel Republicans!  RINO alert!

***  Like many others on the Left, Rahm is a true believer (why in the world I cannot convince my beloved friends that so many on the left ARE TRUE BELIEVERS in their ideology!  I HEARD with my own ears Hillary Clinton in the late 80’s declare she could not BELIEVE any true Christian could be a REPUBLICAN.  At the time, I AGREED.)  The Reality of the risen Christ and the REAL presence of the Holy Spirit following my unconditional surrender to Christ on 9/21/2002 taught me anew … the Biblical Worldview of TRUTH consumed me and does to this day  … BUT, I can’t stand those on the Right who think their opponents are always lying or disingenuous b/c of their ideology.  It’s almost akin to Americans who can’t believe/grasp the ideology of the Suicide Bombers in Islam.  Wake up folks!  You don’t blow yourself up unless you BELIEVE!

We will never defeat this domestic enemy, with his new army of ideologues trained (surreal) in our own institutions of higher learning, until we can GRASP that concept.  Christ is TRUTH.  Once more, because this is not a cliche or something you have heard a million times at your church.  CHRIST IS TRUTH.  Lean on that, and not your own understanding.  The time is fast approaching when the 2nd American Civil War begins in earnest.  All leading to this has been but a prelude.  

I am so, so sorry that this is happening. BUT, freedom is not free.  Our Lord endured the Cross for the GLORY.  If God would allow his only begotten SON to suffer for the salvation of mankind … who are you??? Why are you holding anything back, my brothers?  (And sisters!)

The economic engine of America was the catalyst for the greatest missionary movement in history.  I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of, yes, my SBC brothers and sisters in Christ who have gone to the four corners of the earth to proclaim the gospel.  It KILLS me however, when we allow the bozos/haters at (for just one example) the Westboro Baptist Church (the ones with the signs “God Hates Fags” who protest at every military funeral) to go unchecked!  They destroy the BRAND (read:image) of Baptist and no one with any money at the SBC fights back!  In doing so, they further destroy the precious true image of the church and Christ!  C’mon SBC administration — we need an image campaign big, “bad” and BOLD.  Our missionaries were MARTYRED around the globe, and what … you guys are afraid to knock off these nuts at Westboro who claim to be Baptist???  What are you doing with all those Millions and Millions and Millions of Dollars?

P.S. Would somebody with Jimmy Draper’s email/ear forward this to him?  I believe he and others at Lifeway were looking for some ideas???  PLEASE forward this, if the Lord leads, to your larger audiences …

Rob Hurlburt

Founder, TakeUp.Org

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  1. Bold. As in the spirit of 1776 bold. See you at the summit.

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