The Day After …

Nov 5th, 2008 | By robbo | Category: Blog


In response to many who wrote “so what do you say ‘the day after’” –

Despite the numerous blatant violations and transgressions of the Obamacy (the overall campaign of President-Elect BHO), I DO believe the majority of the American people have chosen Obama in a free, if not entirely fair election.  Nothing has changed, to the best of my knowledge, his positions on issues I hold so dear.  

That said, there are a number of personal character traits I find admirable in Obama.  I was impressed by his even-temper; his careful and thoughtful actions and reactions in discussions and debates.  I can tell that he is a devoted family man.  Also, I am thrilled by the fact that we as a people have made a huge leap toward eliminating racism in our society. And, as a political operative, I acknowledge the sheer genius and organizational discipline his campaign mustered and maintained.  I do not fear the incompetency we all saw in the young and brash Clinton first administration.  Then again, because I so vehemently oppose his policies, perhaps some incompetency would be better!

But let’s be candid: Obama and the radical left have seized power in the United States.  They did it “democratically” and so I am compelled to, yes, call him and consider him the legitimate President-Elect. I thank God that this transition occurred peacefully. 

I have heard it said that no matter who the man, all Presidents acknowledge that entering the Oval Office the first day is a life changing event — I pray for President Elect Obama — I pray for his success when his efforts are righteous.  I pray that he will come to a fuller knowledge of the reality of Christ, and a greater understanding of the reality of the Kingdom, and the preciousness of innocent life.

I am still extremely concerned that as a perceived former muslim (watch “The Born Muslim Conspiracy” before you cry foul!) he may play right into the hands of our radical Islamic enemies. I am incredulous that Libyan Dictator Gaddafi does not acknowledge (remember, he knows Rev. Wright personally) Obama’s claim to be a devout Christian.  In Gaddafi’s address to an open air assembly of over a million muslims this summer, he specifically declared Obama to be Muslim, not Christian.




On other election results, I am saddened by so many losses on abortion related initiatives.  It is hard to imagine how we as a people can escape God’s judgment for this continued holocaust of innocent lives.   I am encouraged by the major victories for marriage in Arizona, California, and Florida.  I was personally involved in the Florida campaign, having led the design/development of the internet technology/web system for the Florida Family Policy Council (a Focus Action affiliate) as well as the Producer/Director of the centerpiece TV ad (reminder: the 50K production budget was provided entirely by supporters of TakeUp.Org).  We needed a super majority 60% and won with 62%.


Finally, for the many ominous warnings I presented to you, I “pray” that I’m wrong.  If not, the Kingdom Warriors must act in accordance with our conscience held captive — every thought — to obedience to our Lord and King Jesus Christ.



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