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Nov 3rd, 2008 | By robbo | Category: Blog

Hello All,

Various and Sundry Comments “The Day Before …” 

•  My fields are advertising and technology, and I had to spend some time just trying to guestimate the media value of the Cheney “endorsement” of McCain.  It kind of reminded me of the time when Bush declared he would absolutely keep Rumsfeld through the end of his Presidency — less than a week before the 2006 election.  As you may remember, he announced Rumsfeld’s resignation 2 days after the election.  Hmmm.

• Regarding the video for today playing in the SMP to the right:  Can anyone recall this fawning praise/worship for any other politician in our nation’s history?  Some say it reminds them of the brainwashed in North Korea, or those forced to sing under brutal communist governments (yes, North Korea is communist, but watch the documentaries, and you’ll see most of the people still love their “dear leader”), but personally, I find the closest analogy to the professed love for another leader who rose to power less than 70 years ago …

• Read a diarist at the Daily Kos explain why he had to leave his church.

• Hear the unbelievable remarks — threats, really — Obama makes to “bankrupt” the coal industry! (H/T to Andy Beers)

• Finally, Check out this awesome Rap-Comedian-Christian-Philospher … made my day! (HatTip to Mark Williamson at Federal Intercessors Ministry)



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