A Message to the Church at CD-21

A warning to The Church concerning the lie that Christians can just ignore the evils around them. In 2020, those living in TX Congressional District 21 face a choice between two candidates who have polar opposite views and records when it comes to the important issue of LIFE. A production of WomenOnTheWall.org


Dr. Donna for LIFE!!


by Rebecca Forest
Women on the Wall
October 20, 2010

How refreshing it was last Saturday (10/16/10) to hear Dr. Donna Campbell speak at a viewing of a movie on “Black Genocide” in Austin, Texas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrMRjEemNXE.

HD 51 candidate Marilyn Jackson (http://marilynjacksonfortexas.org/) was good enough to share the stage with Dr. Campbell and what the 20-30 people in attendance witnessed was truly the most passionate and compelling declaration for the sanctity of LIFE I have ever witnessed.

I am so glad this footage was captured!   Such unscripted and heartfelt commitment to the protection of LIFE is becoming more and more rare in our nation.

Dr. Campbell is a breath of fresh air — a woman who is not afraid to speak the truth and take a STAND for the most innocent among us — our unborn children.

Texans across the State should be outraged that 9 of their Congressional representatives have voted in favor of the horrific, barbaric, inhumane practice of partial birth abortion which is clearly infanticide.  CD 25 has for some 16 years been represented by extremely liberal Lloyd Doggett, who is a big supporter of abortion and has repeatedly voted AGAINST the ban on partial birth abortion.

The “Tea Party” wave, moving through the nation may well give us our one and only chance to rid Texas of Lloyd Doggett.

We need to raise armies of Dr. Donna supporters contacting their friends & families throughout the nation, spreading the word about Donna’s fighting spirit and encouraging EVERYONE to support her financially.

The nation must realize that concerned citizens must work to support candidates throughout the country — it only takes the vote of one “Lloyd Doggett” to cancel out the vote of one conservative pro-life lawmaker in D.C.

Please visit Donna’s  website at: www.drdonnaforcongress.com to see how you can help support her campaign.

Donna is doing her part — it’s time for her fellow Texans to jump onboard and do theirs – with time and money.

Time is running out & this is our chance to “Dump Doggett” — help to spread the word!

2010: Purge & Surge


A week or so ago I went to bed thinking and praying about the upcoming year.   Not the best prescription for a restful night, but hey, we’ve got serious challenges facing us.  As an ordained SBC minister and a political media consultant, I see many issues that will never be resolved unless a vast revival for Christ and His Kingdom revolutionizes this country.  (Again.)

I know that many of you have come to this same conclusion; that is, with a culture and society in decline in so many disparate arenas, a true revival IS (2 Chron: 7:14) the best and only hope for our nation.  Agreed.

And so we pray and pray and pray, and pray.  Good.  And pray.  (Without prayer, we stand ZERO chance, btw) Still, decline is everywhere we turn and, for me at least, my rational mind kicks in, looks at the trends and declares … this war is lost.

Yes, I am intensely aware that Republicans will probably win sweeping victories in 2010 and 2012 if the liberals continue this onslaught, led by the Wicked King Obama.  Then, gloriously (?!?), the same Republicans are ushered back to power.  Great.  This time it will surely be different, right???  I sincerely hope so.  However, as a 9/11 Revival/Convert from the Democrat Party and Super-Liberalism in general, I’ve never put that much faith in the GOP.  I’ve watched the same establishment “ruling class” Republicans trample all over the Kingdom Kids in America.

Trust me, they want your vote, desperately.  Your leadership?  Your candidacy?  Puhleeaassee.

Anyway, I finally fell asleep and had a profound dream.  In my dream I heard:

“You must retake the ground.  Literally, physically.  JUST like the surge strategy in Iraq.  I know you don’t want to do it.  It’s risky.  It’s dangerous.  I know. I know.”

Rob Hurlburt, TakeUp.Org Founder (2010: TBC)

Light Dawns for Unborn Poor in Austin

Some time around 1974 the City of Austin began turning out the lights on the unborn poor.  Tonight the light shines a bit brighter for them.  Most would count tonight a great loss.  I count it as the small step toward shining the light on a dark part of Austin in need of more exposure.

This past October we became aware of expiring “termination service” contracts between the Travis County Health District (TCHD) and local Austin abortion providers.  Thanks to people like Dina Meyer and Dr. Joe Pojman of Texas Alliance for Life the vote on those contracts was pushed out to November.  Additional light and pressure was applied and the decision was put off again.  Finally, tonight the board voted.

Large complaints could be lobbied over the stacked deck of cards the TCHD staff dealt out tonight at the public hearing.  The deception surrounding this issue is astounding.  Rather, let’s focus on the positive.  Railroad Commissioner, Victor Carrillo, spoke boldly on behalf of the unborn poor.  TCHD board member Clarke Heidrick publicly acknowledged the deception associated with the presentation and hearings on the 2004 contract accepted from the City of Austin.  He also expressed concerns over the counseling offered by money driven abortion providers.  Another member offered an amendment to fund abortion alternatives to the tune of $450,000.  Much light as been shed on the situation, and faithful followers of Christ have been awaken to this issue.

The Austin community has come together to fight this battle, and we have only just begun.   Texas Alliance for Life, the Catholic Diosese of Austin, the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center, Austin Coalition for Life, Free Market Foundation, the Austin Area Pastor Council and many taxpaying citizens have united to bring an end to “termination services” funded by Travis County property taxes.

Ultimately we know that being born poor is much better than being killed in the womb.   Ultimately we know that good triumphs over evil, mercy triumphs over judgement, and life wins out over death.  We will persist.  We will stay in this battle to give light to the unborn poor.  We will remain faithful to the end.

Pray for the unborn poor tonight and tomorrow and in the days and nights following.  Pray, talk to others, and attend the TCHD meetings until the full light of dawn shines for the most vulnerable among us … the unborn poor.

Brent Bullock, Minister

A Message to the Church at CD-21

A warning to The Church concerning the lie that Christians can just ignore the evils around them. In 2020, those ...

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